JVN by Jovani Enevenings

Prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity presented to high school girls everywhere. The steep price tag associated with this special event is astonishing, often times making it impossible for girls to enjoy this magnificent celebration of a high school career coming to a close. JVN was created to alleviate the stress of finding an affordable designer prom dress that girls can be proud of. Created with inspiration from the hottest looks on the red carpet and haute couture runways alike, these dresses are sure to steal the show. Always on top of the latest trends, JVN’s dresses are stylish and chic for the modern girl. Soar to the top of the best dressed list this year with cool pastels and sparkling jewel tones. The excellent craftsmanship and superior quality materials are comparable to none. From lightweight stretch jersey fabric to smooth sheer chiffon, these dresses are top notch certified. JVN’s stunning collections have made elegant fashion attainable for everyone. From short and sassy to long and sophisticated, JVN has a large array of dresses to suit every girl’s distinctive personality.