Mac Duggal

Knowing that today’s woman is dynamic both in fashion and life Mac Duggal designs gowns that touch the very essence of the woman who wears them. It is important to note that most of the world sells trends. Mac Duggal goes beyond that and sells confidence.
Mac Duggal opened the first design house just over 30 years ago in Chicago, Illinois. Corporate headquarters are now located in Burr Ridge, Illinois and over 30,000 people worldwide are associated in the production of the Mac Duggal collections. International in scope from the beginning, Mac Duggal has a customer base spanning the globe - Europe, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Russia, Sweden, Canada, and several countries in South America. Mac Duggals first collection, Creative Creations, was a line of dazzling gowns blending Indian beauty and elegance with Western styling. Proud of his heritage, Mac Duggal has always designed using glorious fabrics and colors that are hot and spicy like the fashion and cuisine of his homeland. Today through eleven different collections Mac Duggal evening gowns cover the spectrum of fashion and style. The couture line is grand, romantic, and delicate and goddess like, featuring classic silhouettes amped up for the modern women. All collections including the prom, plus, cocktail and ballgown lines incorporate laces with metallic diffused finishes and embossed flowing chiffon's that leave an ethereal and grand appearance. Sensual, pastel colors and softer light crystals also enhance the grecian goddess/ royalty fantasy. The more theatrical costume driven designs are hard edged and incorporate dramatic embellishments.
The signature pageant lines pull out all the stops using 100% of the finest, luxurious, most articulately woven silks from all over the world including Paris, Milan, Zurich and New York. One gown alone can have over 20,000 hand sewn Swavorsky crystals and / or rhinestones and can use over 120 yards of fabric.
Launched in 1985. The Mac Duggal label started appearing in upscale stores everywhere - Saks 5th Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, Blooming-dales, Macy's, and boutiques, like Stanley Korshak, Caché and Lillie Rubin. Contestants in the Miss USA and Miss America Pageants also continue to appear in fashions by MacDuggal. The Mac Duggal designs have been worn by celebrities in television, movies, and the music industry. From adorning actresses Eva Longoria, Jennifer Beal and Carmen Electra to headlining the stage and red carpet on Carrie Underwood, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, Tina Turner, Bette Midler, Aretha Franklin, Khloe Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Vanna White, and Sybil Shepherd, among others, have all worn MacDuggal evening wear. MacDuggal creations have also been worn in movies such as “Titanic”, “Oceans 11” and by Gwyneth Paltrow in “Country Song”. Mac Duggal himself was featured in an episode of the Oxygen channels reality series “Jersey Couture”. Today Mac Duggal designs are seen globally and are breaking all records. The collection is being showcased in better specialty and bridal stores all over the world. MacDuggal has won the DIVA 1998 Fashion Award for Designer of The Year in the Prom/Pageant category and has been the featured brand on the covers of Teen Prom, Pageantry Magazine and Seventeen Magazine.